Project: The Ballgame X

My collegue and I joined for a game programming course that was organized by the Tampere University of Technology. One (and the most important) task was to implement a working game as a project group. There was no limits about the genre and the tools could be chosen quite freely. We chose Unity 3D and Android as the target platform. For the genre we chose Marble madness styled ball controlling and puzzle resolving game.

Schedule for the game design and implementation was pretty tight, so we decided to stick with the basics and get the building blocks done. We managed to implement six different levels, with three difficulty levels each. The levels are implemented for demonstrating the building blocks we implemented and the actual game is not that finished. E.g. we do have collectable coins, but those cannot be used for anything, also there is no limit how many times player may die.

Anyways, the basic building blocks are there and they could be used for creating a real game ­čÖé

I attached some screen captures of the game on Mac OSX and there is a link below if you want to try out the game in your browser using Unity web plugin.

Click to play the Ball Game X

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