A Year later..

This blog has been up and running for over one year now. I have not done any updates lately because been just lazy or busy with other things.

My NAS is still doing fine, being on 24/7 for over one year now – except for few quick reboots (kernel updates) and the best uptime sofar is around 80 days. Good job Linux!

In mobile world we are living some exciting times. I have been doing some Android programming and have to say that despite the fragmentation I still think Android will be the Winner. I would like to see Nokia rise with Windows Phone 8, but have my doubts about it. Nokia 920 IS a very nice phone, though after using Samsung Galaxy S3 for some time it seems a bit bulky.

Apple is going downhill with bad decissions (e.g. new maps) and the lack of innovation – new row of icons does not count. They are slowly losing ground, though their ecosystem is still strong, which keeps them on surface.

Speaking of surface, Microsoft’s new table seems interesting but all the tales I have heard from actual users have not been very flattering. There seems to be lot of performance problems in Windows RT even though the hardware is nice. Still wating for x86 based tablet to see how they fare.

Year 2013 will be interesting, just wait and see..

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